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Theophostic Prayer was established in the mid-nineties as an outcome of Dr. Ed Smith becoming discouraged while trying to help a group of woman who suffered from having been sexually abused as children. He met weekly with these people doing all he knew to do, but was dissatified with the level of results he was seeing. Dr. Ed had been trained in two prestigious Southern Baptist Seminaries, graduating with degrees focused in counseling ministry and pastoral care, yet the results he was seeing with these women was less than what he believed was "biblical." In this place of discouragement Dr. Ed cried out to God for an answer. What came of this was nothing new in principle, no "divine revelation," no "choirs of angles" but a simple process of prayer that in application has become an approach to ministry that has circled the globe.

Dr. Ed already knew the reason for the woman's emotional pain and dysfunction. He knew it did not have to do with the abuse that had occurred, but rather because of what the women believed in the context of the abusive memory. It was not the memory of the abuse that had them bound, but rather it was what they held in belief. Dr. Ed had tried everything he knew to do to get the truth into these women's heads, yet nothing seem to make much difference. Then in that one momentious moment where Dr. Ed simply asked the Lord to speak to the woman's heart and mind about what she believed that was causing her the emotional pain she carried. In that wonderful moment everythting changed for her and for this ministry. She reported a freedom and peace like she had never had before. The pain dissolved and she left with a new found freedom that she holds to this day. Theophostic Prayer was born. This prayer process has since developed into a highly successful approach to helping people in all manner of emotional states to find the peace of Christ where all they had known before was pain. Jesus is indeed "the way and the truth...."
Theophostic Prayer has found its way into over 140 countries worldwide. Over 100,000 people have taken the training sharing God's freedom to the masses. Based upon the testimony of thousands, God is doing a marvelous thing to touch the lives of the "down troden."

The Founder

Ed Smith is the developer of the Theophostic Ministry process. He holds a masters degree in education (focus in marriage and family counseling) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX and a Doctorate of Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. He has completed most of his work toward his Doctorate of Education in marriage and family counseling (Ed.D.) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Smith holds a traditional conservative protestant theology. He adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message (Statement of Faith of Southern Baptist Convention) and attends a Southern Baptist Church. However, the principles of TPM are not dependent upon all of Ed Smith's personal theology in all areas of biblical thought but on a common theology that is embraced cross denominationally around the world by thousands of other ministry faciltators from a sundry of denominations.

His ministry career includes 17 years of service to local Southern Baptist churches prior to developing Theophostic Prayer Ministry in 1996 as a pastoral counselor. He and his wife, Sharon (33 years married), also have led Marriage Enrichment conferences across the country (The Basic Ingredients for a Happy Marriage). He has authored many articles for Christian magazines, authored, Beyond Tolerable Recovery, The Trouble Shooter's Guide for TPM, Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer, developed both the Basic and Advanced Training programs for TPM, presented at many national conferences to include the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS), and the National Leader's Conference for Catholic Renewal.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) was developed by Dr. Ed Smith in the mid nineties while he was operating as a pastoral counseler in central Kentucky. TPM is a defined form of prayer ministry and not an organization or body of people. However, the International Association for Theophostic Prayer is a membership community of like minded people using this approach to ministry. There is no governing body but rather a sharing group of people who seek to further the Kingdom of God and help emotionally wounded people.

Business Information

New Creation Publishing is a FOR PROFIT corporation. It is NOT a NON-PROFIT corporation and therefore DOES NOT solicit funding for any reason at any time nor does it provide tax deductible credit should any donation be given. New Creation Publishing is the sole producer of Theophostic training materials and holds all copyrights to all goods developed and distributed carrying the Theophostic name. The name Theophostic is a registered International Trademark. No person or entity may use the name Theophostic to draw attention, market, or advertise. To do otherwise is a violation of International Trademark law.

Important Notice and Disclaimer

This is the official Theophostic Prayer Ministry website. There are NO ministries, counseling centers, churches or individuals who represent this ministry other than this site. Websites, ministry centers, churches or any other identities or persons that suggest they are associated with, represent, or are affiliated with this ministry are misrepresenting themselves. If a website, church, counseling center or individual references, displays or uses the name Theophostic Prayer Ministry they should only do so as an indication that they are using the principles taught by this ministry and not to indicate they represent or are affiliated with this ministry. If they are not following the specific guidelines and principles taught by this ministry or if they are mixing TPM with some other form of counseling or ministry then they are NOT doing Theophostic Prayer Ministry. If any website, counseling center, church or individual is using the name Theophostic to advertise or draw attention to their website or physical location they do so in violation of trademark law.

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