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Welcome to the International Association for Theophostic Ministry.

We are sorry to inform you that registration for membership on this site is closed for a season. We are in the middle of an exciting new transition that will replace the current association.

We are in the process of launching a newly revised and greatly improved TPM. Dr. Ed and his son Joshua are presently “on the road” introducing this new revision of the basic training in ten different locations over the course of this year. (Go to www.theophostic.com and click NEW TRAINING).

In December they will begin posting all of the newly revised TPM training onto an interactive website that will be made freely available to all people everywhere at no cost. Pray for us as we prepare for this exciting transition!

In the meantime visit www.transformationprayer.org to read about the new vision for TPM reaching “Every member, Everywhere, in the Global Body of Christ.”

Theophostic Prayer Ministry