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I have been going through the Theophostics for almost 3 years now. I have had much healing and am happier today than ever. The individual who has been ministering to me has been used much by God. However, I am dissociated and have "child parts" that only relate to God as my "daddy" and have a difficult time moving onto a deeper more mature faith with God as "Father."


Ed Smith's response:


I am pleased to hear that you are making good progress in your renewal journey. Mind renewal is only a part of the bigger picture of Christian growth and maturity. Our walk with God is lifelong and requires more than just memory work (as in TPM). God wants us to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Him. This is accomplished through Bible study, living life, dealing with crisis and trials, learning to walk in faith in relationship with God, interacting and participating in the community of faith with other believers, discovering one's giftedness, learning to serve and be served and more. In this journey we grow in many different levels. Some of us already have an adult relationship with God as father and need to develop a "childlike faith" and discover that He also is our 'Daddy." The Apostle Paul said that our spirit cries out "Abba/Father" which is "Daddy/Father" or both.


However, several things in your letter also need to be looked at. You said that you were dissociated and had "child parts." If this is so then there are probably places of pain in your life (memories) that have yet to be resolved. Dissociation is usually a temporary state of protection that the mind holds in place when there is unresolved conflict inside. Dissociation is usually developed in times of trauma and is held in place because the person does not want to "know" what happened (memory event) or what was felt during the traumatic event. These child parts are still present due to something that is not resolved. When you are able to face the pain and receive His truth this protection will no longer be needed. You might have your minister to ask you what it would feel like not to have these parts available to you for living life? If any emotion stirs follow it to its memory source. You will be able to move forward in maturity toward God as these hidden places of pain are made known, released and resolved with His truth. Keep pressing in and going where you need to go and allow the Lord to release you with His truth.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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