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What are the dangers of mixing TPM and other ministry approaches together?


My sister receiving ministry from someone who admittedly, "uses a little Theophostic and other approaches too." This concerns me and he doesn't seem to be helping her. She's read Dr. Smith's book, but continues to see this guy anyway. He's the only person in our area who she could find that even knew what Theophostic was. Do you have any suggestions?


Ed Smith's response:


First let me say that I do not bring any criticism about what this man or any person is doing in ministry.  I really do not mind that he is using a little of this and a little of that as long as he is clear about what he is doing.  People are free to do what ever is legally and ethically acceptable and that which they are willing to be responsible.  However, people need to be honest about what they are doing and if they are doing a mix of TPM and other things then not call what they are doing TPM.  What would be more accurate for this man to say to your sister is "I have gone through the training in TPM and have incorporated some of the principles with other things that I do but I am not doing TPM since it is a mix of many things.  It becomes confusing is when it is presented that a person is doing TPM (and the recipient believes this to be so), when in fact the person may be doing something else.  Ministers and counselors need to be clear and upfront with what they are offering people in ministry.  I encourage you to have the person sign an informed consent so that he or she knows and agrees with what you are offering.


However, in your sister's case you said the man "admittedly" says that he mixes what he does with other things.  As long as he acknowledges that he is not offering TPM he is doing right. You also said that your sister continues to go to him knowing this.  If this is so then there is informed consent occurring.  She knows that he is not following TPM protocol and yet desires his services.  It sounds like she is doing what she wants to do with full knowledge of what is happening.  People who are not following protocol are very welcome to do this and may find great results in ministry.  However, a simply statement such as, "I have been trained in the TPM process but what I am doing cannot be called TPM since I mix it with other practices."  I would also go so far as to say that if a person is not following the TPM guidelines and protocol they should not list the name Theophostic Prayer Ministry on their advertisements.  By saying that one has been trained in this process is in a sense saying this is what one does.  We just need to be clear. 


You also had a concern that you did not think that he was helping her.  Is this what she is reporting?  She is the one to determine this.  Help occurs at many levels.  If you mean that she has not been able to identify any lie-based thinking and continues to live in emotional pain with no resolution then it may be that his "theophostic-mix" is ineffective.  However, if he is listening to her concerns, encouraging her, providing biblical insight to her situation etc. she may be getting help in this way.  You might ask your sister for her perspective and find out what she thinks about the help she is getting.  She may be happy with what is happening and be finding benefit that is unrelated to Theophostic Prayer Ministry.


As far as finding people in your area.  The first place to look is the IATM membership directory.  Please understand that this directory is not a referral list but rather a membership directory.  However, these people have (for the most part) at least gone through the basic training.  Understand this does not mean that they are qualified at any level, but it is a starting point.  There is a list of questions and an evaluation form on the web site www.theophostic.com that will be helpful as you seek people that offer ministry.  I would also encourage you to begin a group of people taking the training.  Let the group hold each other accountable in maintaining the guidelines and protocol.  Become a ministering group that cares for each other.  Introduce your pastor to this ministry through the little book "Healing Life's Hurts Through TP Prayer."  I pray that you will be able to connect to the people in your area using this ministry.


I hope that this helps,


Ed Smith

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  •  Adam wrote 1917 Days Ago (neutral) 

    I personally believe that ministers should be very clear in that they are 'not doing TPM'. When someone says they are doing a 'little TPM and (whatever else)...' I believ it is an incrrect statement.

    TPM teaching is very clear on keeping both the recipient and facilitator safe and as soon as you go outside any of it you are not doing TPM. To do TPM (even a little of it) means by definition that you are not going to mix it with other things.

    I have heard more reports than I can count from people who have had bad ministry experiences (suggested memories / false memories / accusations of dissociation etc etc etc) and believed it was due to TPM. As most here will know these things can not happen if the TPM guidelines are followed.

    I think it needs to be very clear. It's either TPM or it's not.

    And doing the old training - does that mean you've been trained in TPM?

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