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"I have just finished your video series and I have a question.  In the demonic influence section of the tapes Dr Smith mentions that demons are trying to distract us from getting to the core of our lie based thinking.  I sensed that theophostic teaching assumes demons can read our minds and know our thoughts?  I have always been comforted in the belief that Satan and the fallen are not omni-present and cannot read our minds?  Am I wrong and if so, please give me some scripture to show me."

Ed Smith's response:

I do not teach that demons can read our minds.  If this were the case then they would in fact be invading our space and violating our wills.  Demons cannot violate our wills.  Demons act within the parameters of our actual belief (which is often contrary to what we say we believe) and consequent choices.  It does seem that the Lord has allowed the spirit world to know about the lies we believe.  However, knowing what I believe and what I am consciously thinking are separate issues.  Also, it is to our advantage that the devil knows about our falsehood in that he will target it and actually point it out for you.  The devil is a very effective "lie detector." But as far as reading our conscious thinking he cannot.  A demon can carry on a conversation with us in the same way that we converse back and forth with others.  However, if I am talking to a friend in conversation he is not reading my mind but I am giving him my thoughts.  A demon can come and speak a thought into our minds but we do not have to engage it in conversation.  Actually the only word we really need to use in conversation with a demon is "No."  When we resist the devil he will flee from us.  The problem is we often do not recognize the voice of the deceiver.  He usually comes with his message right when we are looking for a way of escape from the emotional pain that has been stirred up in us.  In the midst of the pain he whispers his solution.  The correct response is "NO!"  When we succeed here and submit ourselves to God's sanctifying process of exposure we are in a great place to receive the truth that God has for us. 
No, demons cannot read your mind. Guard your mind and your heart by looking to the Lord in the midst of your suffering and allowing Him to reveal what it is that is drawing the attention of the evil one your way.  Demons are drawn like flies to the refuse that lays around in our thinking.  When you encounter flies  you know you have something that the Lord wants to expose and remove with truth.
Hope that this helps
Ed  Smith

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