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I have completed all of the training that is currently available for TPM. I am a layperson with no formal education in the psychotherapy profession, but desire to learn more about how to minister to people who report SRA memory and other complex recipients. Do you have a network of advanced ministry people who are looking to help teach / mentor? My heart is broken that there are many broken people, and not enough ministers. So I wondered what can be done to train more willing ministers in providing care to this type of ministry recipient.


Warmest Regards,


Ed Smith's response:


I appreciate that you feel hurt for helping deeply wounded people. First, I am not aware of any network of people doing ministry to complex issues. This ministry does not have any endorsed group or network. I would encourage you to go to the IATM web site and see who is in your area that is trained in the advanced training. However, please know that this is a membership list and does not qualify any person on it. I cannot say what you need to do but I can offer these precautions.


1) Be sure that you are following the leading of the Holy Spirit and not unresolved emotional pain. Many people are drawn into ministry to the hurting because of their own pain and not because that is what they need to be doing. I would ask yourself what it feels like when you think about people who have been deeply wounded. Many people confuse compassion for their own unresolved painful memories. Be real honest with yourself and allow the feelings that are driving your desire to help to surface. See if this is true compassion or if it is rooted in something else.

2) Do not go into this ministry alone. Find a group of people who are doing it well. There are many people that are doing this work but some do not know what they are doing. Avoid the extremes and those who want to deny the reality of the evil that is in this world. If you cannot find people who can oversee what you are doing I would wait until you can before you venture out into ministry.

3) There are many different levels to doing ministry. As you stated, you are not a trained professional but you can be a prayer partner to one who is. Not everyone needs to be facilitating this ministry. Much of what is happening in this area of ministry can be better understood by those more trained. If you cannot be fulfilled being a support person you may want to see what this is about as well.

4) Finally, I have included the guidelines I developed last year for those doing ministry with deeply wounded people. Here is the link to where it can be obtained. Go to http://theophostic.com/displaycommon.cfm?an=13#SRA%20FAQ and scroll down to the question, "What does TPM teach concerning SRA?" Also if you do not have the new 2005 Basic Seminar Manual obtain it and read the section on doing this type of ministry (chapter 15 Taking TPM to the Church.)


I encourage you to move slowly and allow the Lord to do all He wants to do in you are you seek out this possibility for ministry.


Hope that this helps


Ed smith

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