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You asked...

"I minister to a person who is dissociated.  Who is responsible and/or accountable to God when an alter acts out immorally and there is an amnesic barrier with the host or her conscious mind? "

Ed's response...

There have been several court cases that actually had this as the defense.  I am not sure how they came out.  However, how the court of law views this and how God does may be very different.  I will answer the question with a series of questions.  How many minds does this person have?  How many people/spirits live inside her body?  Does God view us as many or as one?  What does God hold us accountable for?   Even though I believe that the dissociated person is responsible at some level for what is happening I bring great compassion and mercy into the picture since I have no idea what I would do in the same situation.  To not make them responsible is to somehow say that the person is not making choices.  The truth is, willful choice is why they are in a dissociated state (it was the way they chose to escape the painful experience) and it is willful choice that moves them toward freedom.  The dissociated people that I have ministered with found freedom as they made the needed choices to move forward and chose to embrace the pain they had denied and chose to come clean before God with all they had hidden.   Where it gets hard is seeing the outside mind saying I do not know what is going on (which in a sense is true).  I hear them say "I am willing to go there (to the memory and pain) but then we don't move.  This is the difference between desire and will.  I desire freedom but I choose to not move forward.  Who is making the decisions not to go to memory, hide the pain, make bad choices?  We say an alter.  What is an alter?  It is a mental defense that is making a deliberate choice to do what she is doing.  Offer much compassion and grace but the person still has to take responsibility for every "word, thought or deed."  When I own what is mine and am willing to look at what I have hidden the Lord will meet me there with His truth.

Hope that this helps.

Ed Smith

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