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NOTE: Ed Smith's responses to the "You asked" questions sent in through letters and emails are provided as a benefit to members of the International Association for Theophostic Ministry (IATM) and are merely his opinions based upon the limited information that is contained in the submitted question. Although he is happy for anyone to disagree with his responses, please know that Dr. Smith will not be able to respond directly to further discussion and dialogue concerning the issues addressed.

You asked...

I wanted to write and express some concerns that I have. I know a few counselors in my area who have been trained in doing TPM.  However, I don't really know of anyone that actually uses it in the way that it was taught other than myself. There seems to be some misconceptions about what TPM is.  Some think that it's just "giving things to Jesus..." Sort of letting him 'take' the burden or problem.  I tried to explain TPM to one counselor in this area who off-handedly commented,  'Oh, I already do that....' Truth is, I have been with this person co-counseling and  TPM was not done.  What can be done to remedy this?


Ed Smith's response:


This is a concern for us as well.  There are many different issues  represented here.


One: There are counselors/ministers who have taken the TPM training and yet have chosen to mix it with other things.  These people have every right to do this and I am fine with this.  However, the problem comes in when they call what they do Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  TPM is clearly defined in the training and the posted guidelines.  The negative experiences that people have reported about TPM (as far as I know of) have all been bad experiences that were not TPM,  but rather something else yet identified as TPM.  It seems that the qualifier for whether a session was TPM or not is often simply whether the person has attended a training seminar and is calling what they do TPM.  The truth is, Theophostic Prayer Ministry is a defined set of principles and techniques that may or may not be reflected in how a person ministers who may in fact have taken the training.


Two: Some counselors/ministers make assumptions about what TPM is and claim to be doing TPM when in fact they are not.  This may be the case in what you have reported in your question.  I have people who have said to me that they have been doing TPM for years and have never read the manual or attended the Basic Training.  I have found that in cases that I have more closely examined, this in fact is not so.  They were doing a form of inner healing but they where not practicing the principles taught in TPM.  Here again, I have no issue with what people are doing as long as what they are doing is clearly identified. Other forms of ministry deal with memories, feel pain, and even find resolution but this does not mean that the session was TPM.  There are many particulars found in TPM that distinguish it from other forms of ministry.  One specifically is in the fact that the ministry facilitator does not provide any direction, opinion, or personal truth for the ministry recipient during the session.  The Holy Spirit is totally depended upon to deliver the truth in the person's place of pain.  Many other forms of inner healing ministry speak words of truth into the person's painful place.  This never occurs in a true TPM session. 


Third: A simple way for you to encourage people to identify what they do as being genuine TPM or something else, is to supply them with a copy of the TP Ministry Session Guidelines.  This is a clear abbreviated listing of what a TPM session should look like.  For those that are a little more highly motivated you might loan them a copy of the little book "Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer."  Just know that God probably has not called you to police the world of TPM users. However, I encourage you to gently inform those who will listen.  I am continually looking for ways to identify the TPM "purest" so that I can provide some level of connecting those seeking TPM and those who are maintaining the integrity of the process.  I discuss this some in the IATM Journal coming out in a few weeks.


I hope that this helps.


Ed Smith

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