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I would like to know how one should deal with a young person who has a drug induced psychosis, who became manic in that experience, and is now being maintained on very strong medication.


Ed's Response


My first reaction is you probably can't.  With that said there are several things to consider:
1) I never encourage a person to go off of his or her medication for any reason no matter how much it may hinder them in finding freedom.  I am not a medical doctor and do not prescribe medication or diagnose mental health issues.  Unless you are a medical doctor do not do this, operate within the area of your expertise.
2) However, we are called to minister to all people which includes this fellow.  Nevertheless, you have been given what you have here so you do the best that you can.  If you offer ministry and he receives help, this is good and we all rejoice.  If the medication does not allow for him to process his feelings and discover the lies he holds, then this is a God problem and not yours to take on.
3) I would try to get to know his medical doctor and introduce him to the ministry that you are offering.  See if he will work with you in relation to this man.  Operate under the medical doctors supervision and foresight.  Who knows, you might win over a medical doctor to the wonderful things God can do.
Hope this helps
Ed smith

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