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I heard that you are no longer working with SRA people. If this is so why have you chosen to do this? Do you not believe that this is an important area of ministry? Ed Smith's response: I have a deep concern for the people who report SRA experiences and pray daily for the Lord's intervention. I invested nine years of my life at great expense to my family because I believe that this area of concern is of great importance, as are all the many other areas of suffering humanity. The truth is, I am not presently maintaining a daily schedule of appointments with SRA people or anyone else, although I still minister with people free gratis on a regular basis . I do not minister to every person who asks or who comes across my path, but rather seek to discern whatI should do on a case by case basis as I feel led by the Lord. I believe that my most basic call is to equip the Body of Christ with the TPM Principles in general and not to focus on only one aspect including SRA. I am working daily on getting this ministry into the hands of anyone who desires to learn to do it all around the globe. I will do many Basic Training Seminars this year as well as lead the International Convention in November in Orlando. Because ministry with SRA requires much commitment, availability and longevity, I cannot offer this as I have done in the past. I am hoping to equip tens of thousands in the next year or so in the Basic Seminar materials. TPM is now in over 120 countries and adding about 1000 people each month. I am also focused on getting the materials translated into other languages as quickly as I can. So it is not that I no longer do ministry with SRA, but rather I have just become more intently focused on what I believe God has for me at this time. However, as I have time, I am working on redeveloping the training materials for doing ministry with SRA. The new work will be very stream lined and focused. The former materials were weighty and too complex. I have come to realize that the SRA person finds freedom the same way anyone else does. As he or she is willing to expose what they are hiding and come clean before the Lord, others and his or herself, there is freedom. When we choose to hide and not look at what is causing us our pain, we stay in bondage. It is wrong to say that an SRA person is a victim any more than to say that a survivor of any abuse is a victim. Many have been victimized at some point (made to do something that one did not choose to do that hurt him or her), but where a person is in the present moment is held in place by what he or she holds onto and believes, not because of what happened to him or her. Freedom comes as people expose their beliefs and allow the Lord to reveal His perspective to their hearts and minds. Thus, I will be readdressing the SRA issue in the future, but in the meantime, if we minister to these people with the same basic principles as we use with ourselves, they will come into freedom the same as anyone else-- memory-by-memory, lie-by-lie and truth-by-truth. We must never forget that freedom is a choice and we must choose to look, feel and expose what we have harbored.
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