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NOTE: This "You asked..." question is divided into two parts. You will receive part two in a week or so. Thank you.


"A friend of mine, who is a therapist herself, has received multiple attempts to finding freedom through TPM, but now because it did not work for her, she claims that Theophostic Prayer Ministry does not work for everybody since it did not work for her. She has a fear of speaking in front of an audience that TPM has not helped. I pointed out to her, on account of my own experience with myself, that she is probably blocking her inner healing due to some underlying deep fear. How would you respond to such a person and to a person who constantly does not feel anything or barely and almost rarely or never seems to get input/healing from the Lord Jesus Christ during properly conducted Theophostic sessions? I already know about the guardian lie thing but that is not what these people (or I myself) are experiencing. Rather, it is more like we just don't get any answers when we ask the Lord what's wrong. We also have the benefit of a Theophostic minister who has done this work for nearly as long as Ed Smith himself!"


Ed Smith's response:


In the new Basic Seminar Manual (2005 edition) I talk about why I think that some people do not find the freedom they desire. What follows is an edited and augmented summarization of this. The [brackets] contain new information not listed in the Basic Manual. I assume that you are operating from the new revised 2005 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual and not the "Beyond Tolerable Recovery Basic Manual (1999 edition). In the new edition there is a chapter that talks about the "belief and choice" principle. Everything that is happening in any given session is rooted in this principle. The reason that your friend is having difficulty is due in part because of a belief that she is holding. Your role as the facilitator is to help her to discover what it is she believes that has her stuck where she is. Though you do not think that it is related to the "guardian lie thing" it actually is. A guardian lie is any belief that hinders a person from moving forward (which would include not being able to hear from the Lord.) People are stuck NOT because of any outside force beyond his or her control to include people and demons. People are stuck due to their own belief and choice. I have found this to be true in 100% all cases I have worked with. I have given you more information than you have asked for in what follows but I am taking the opportunity to broaden this discussion for the benefit of the IATM membership who is also reading this.


1)Not everything that is being offered and called Theophostic Prayer Ministry is indeed Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Some of what is being called Theophostic Prayer Ministry is a little of this and a little of that and not too much of what is defined as genuine Theophostic. Ministry recipients need to BEWARE of what they are receiving by way of ministry. This is why it is very important that the recipient of ministry be educated in the basic teachings of this ministry before seeking personal ministry. Never assume that just because people say they are doing Theophostic that they are. A minimum requirement for every ministry recipient would be that he or she read the book "Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer" and obtain and carefully read a copy of the TPM Session Guidelines found on the ministry web page (www.theophostic.com) and in this manual (Chapter Seven). There is also a facilitator evaluation/questionnaire on the web site and in this manual (Chapter Nine) that the ministry recipient should have the facilitator complete before receiving ministry. This evaluation will give the ministry recipient a snapshot of what the facilitator should be doing. If anywhere along the way the ministry recipient is not pleased with what is happening, he or she should stop what is occurring and seek ministry elsewhere.



 [However, in your email you have stated that the person who was doing ministry in your setting has "done this work for nearly as long as Ed Smith himself." Keep in mind that length of time is not a qualifier for doing this ministry correctly. I have often had people who have been doing TPM for years come to a live demonstration and watch me demonstrate the process and realize that they were not following protocol as close as they thought they were. This is not to bring any judgment on the facilitator that you have mentioned. However, I have not had a single person in ten years that did not have some measure of resolution in their ministry session. Keep in mind that complete resolution in a single session is not the goal. Sometimes finding complete resolve in a painful place takes time. Sometimes people have to wrestle with it for a while. It is very common for people to have levels or protection standing out front of their painful memory. Each of these defenses will have lies holding them in place. Each lie will have to be exposed and removed with His truth before complete freedom can occur. However, moving forward session by session is the goal and evidence of moving in the right direction. I always see people move forward in some measure in every session. Also keep in mind that not everyone "hears" truth from the Lord. Some people are like myself who are "no-see-no-hear" types (this is discussed in the Basic Seminar Manual) do not see or hear truth but rather come into a realization of truth.


I am convinced that if a person is not moving forward during a ministry session then something is wrong. This "something" is always rooted in one of two places; the facilitator is not as knowledgeable and skillful as necessary or not moving forward is rooted in the person's own belief. We are where we are at any given moment in time based upon our freewill and this will is directly connected to what we believe. Keeping in mind that what we experientially believe is often very different from what we logically hold as true. As I quoted you earlier where you said, "I already know about the guardian lie thing but that is not what these people (or I myself) am experiencing." I am afraid that this is probably what the problem is if it is not related to the facilitator. I restate, a guardian lie is any belief that one holds that is keeping them from moving forward. If a person is not feeling emotional pain that they should be feeling it is due to a belief. If a person is not receiving truth from the Lord then their not hearing is rooted in their belief. These beliefs are "guardian lies." If the person's belief and choice is not the reason for their being where they are then they are "victims" and stand helpless to do anything about it unless someone comes along and rescues them from their condition. I do not accept this premise. I believe that freedom comes from the Lord when we choose to move in His direction. Bondage is always rooted in my own belief and choice. I encourage you to re-read the section on guardian lies.]


2) The expertise and skill level of the ministry facilitator may not be up to par. Just because people have read the training materials and attended a Basic Training Seminar does not mean they have developed the intuitive ability to minister effectively that comes only with much practice and thus increases success. [Also, keeping in mind that doing "Theophostic" for a long time is no guarantee that you are doing it right. I strongly encourage you to order the new seven session Live Ministry Demonstration DVD series that has seven real ministry sessions demonstrating what TPM should look like. Whenever I have someone say to me that they have a type of people that keep getting stuck in the same place I assume that the facilitator is the common denominator. If someone says they see many people who cannot feel or get back to the memory or not hear from the Lord then I assume that the facilitator is again the problem. A reoccurring problem in a flow of ministry sessions is probably not due to the people receiving ministry but more likely the facilitator. The good news is this is an element of the process that can be improved and become more efficient. This manual is almost 400 pages long and is packed with many principles, concepts and ideas. If you have only read the manual once or twice then you probably do not know all that is there (unless you have a photographic memory and are a genius.) There are many hours of video training sessions as well and now a seven DVD live ministry training series. After reading and viewing the training materials, supervision and practice is needed to become adequately equipped. (To be continued)



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