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 NOTE: This "You asked..." question is part two from the previous one you received. It may be helpful to re-read the first part before reading this second section. The original question has been included to help make sense of the second part which follows.


Original question: "A friend of mine, who is a therapist herself, has received multiple attempts to finding freedom through TPM, but now because it did not work for her, she claims that Theophostic Prayer Ministry does not work for everybody since it did not work for her. She has a fear of speaking in front of an audience that TPM has not helped. I pointed out to her, on account of my own experience with myself, that she is probably blocking her inner healing due to some underlying deep fear. How would you respond to such a person and to a person who constantly does not feel anything or barely and almost rarely or never seems to get input/healing from the Lord Jesus Christ during properly conducted Theophostic sessions? I already know about the guardian lie thing but that is not what these people (or I myself) are experiencing. Rather, it is more like we just don't get any answers when we ask the Lord what's wrong. We also have the benefit of a Theophostic minister who has done this work for nearly as long as Ed Smith himself!




3) The ministry recipient may not be at a place where he is ready to embrace the pain in his life. I have found that some of the deepest and most painful places of my renewal journey have only opened up to me in the last year (after eight years of receiving ministry.) I did not realize that I was not ready to allow the Lord to expose these places. I am learning more and more that this journey is about God saving me from myself and from the highly developed defenses I have erected. I have developed an amazing structure of mental defenses to bury and block out the pain in my life. These defenses are actually keeping me in bondage and not protecting at all. My freedom has come only because of the Lord's faithfulness to orchestrate my life in such a way that I have been motivated to look at why I am in pain. There have been numerous places where I did not even know I was carrying pain. The greatest example has been in my suppressed anger. I once prided myself in my spiritual ability to not express anger. The truth was that I was filled with rage in many unresolved places that God exposed when I was finally willing and ready to admit it. Being angry and yet keeping it suppressed is not a spiritual virtue or an indication of spiritual prowess. It was much more difficult to admit and allow my anger to surface than it was to keep it hidden. I have found this to be true in many other people's lives as well. This is especially true in cases where there is the defense of dissociation present keeping people from moving into the painful places in their minds. When we are unwilling to move in the direction of the painful lies we hold we will remain stuck and this process will not "work."

[You stated, "I pointed out to her, on account of my own experience with myself, that she is probably blocking her inner healing due to some underlying deep fear." When you told her this you were diagnosing the problem and no longer doing TPM. I would have not told her this since I really could not know what her problem is (other than where she is and what is happening is rooted in her own belief and choice.) She indeed may have some traumatic memory that she is not yet ready to deal with but you do not know that until she chooses to reveal such. In the meantime the reason that she cannot "go there" is due to some belief that she is holding that keeps her from making that decision. Every person that I have ever worked with who was stuck and not able to move forward did move when they discovered and identified the belief they believed that had them where they were and then made the choice to move forward. Being stuck has nothing to do with TPM working or not working but rather what the person believes and chooses.

You said in your email, "She (the woman who received ministry) claims that Theophostic Prayer Ministry does not work for everybody since it did not work for her." Whether TPM works for her or not does not release her from moving in the direction of freedom. I would encourage her not to take the "victim" role, but fully embrace and own where she is as her responsibility. Sometimes people will blame TPM or the facilitator for their being stuck. This is another way people keep from owning what is theirs. Freedom comes to each of us in the same manner. We are held captive by our own belief and consequential choosing and find freedom when we expose that which we harbor turn to Him and receive His truth.]


4) It is possible that this process may not work for some people because God has a different healing path laid out for them. Theophostic is not the "magic bullet" for all people but there is a path through which God can accomplish His work if they choose to walk on it. [It has been my experience through the years (over 10 now) that when the lies people are harboring are held up to Christ they find truth and freedom. I cannot say why the woman mentioned in your email cannot find the freedom she desires. I have worked with many people who said the same things that you have stated, but in every case it was a lie (guardian) that was keeping them from moving to the place where they needed to move to and each one did as the lies were exposed and the person received from the Lord. You may say, "But she really cannot hear Him!" I believe that this is true but I also believe that there is a belief reason. (Note: Anger is also a primary problem for people who report that they cannot hear from the Lord. However, I have written much about that issue already in the Basic Seminar Manual.) If the reason that she cannot hear from the Lord is not rooted in her own lie-based belief (or anger) then there is only one other possibility of which I am aware. Often when people come up against a wall such as not hearing truth the facilitator makes a rash assumption that there must be a problem with a demon so they pull out their swords and go after the demon (which is usually not there.) When all else fails we are prone to go on the attack. We tend to make the problem everything but letting it be the person's own doing. Spiritual warfare is too often our default response when we don't know what else to do. If the problem of not hearing from the lord was ever due to an outside source then the person could say to God that the predicament was not his or her fault. The truth is, we each are where we are due to our own belief and choice. I did not just say that people are not victimized for they are at times by other people and life circumstances (such as in natural disasters), but people are not victims once the trial is over. When the trial is over the only victimization is what goes on in his or her own thinking. What comes forward that causes us trouble from the experience is not the trauma itself or even the memory of the event, but the beliefs that we personally harbor about the experience. That which keeps a person from moving forward toward freedom is not the devil or any other outside force, but only ones belief and choosing. We are where we will ourselves to be. This does not mean that I can find freedom myself in my own power for I cannot. I cannot any more save myself from my lie-based thinking than I can save myself from my sins. Both are accomplished through the power of Christ. However, moving to the place where I can receive from Him requires my choosing.]

God is certainly not limited to this ministry approach even though I am seeing more consistent results that ever before in my own life and ministry. For those who have not had success using this approach to ministry (and have considered what I just mentioned in the points listed above), I would encourage you to diligently seek the Lord and see where He is leading you. Pursue other avenues of ministry and help. Keep knocking and believing that the Lord will open the door in His time. Please do not sit down and play the martyr for He does have a plan that is specific for you. When I hear someone say to me, "Theophostic Prayer Ministry just does not work for me" I want to ask, "What then is it that you are doing that is working?" God is at work in His children and where there is no evidence of this work then either we are not his children or we are hindering the sanctification process in some way ourselves. "For God is at work in you..." (Phil. 2:13) (that is those who are His) and "He will complete that which He began..." (Phil 1:6 Paraphrase). If this is not the case then we do not belong to Him. If Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not working then some other means of help should be working or there is a problem. If we are children of God and yet are not continually moving in the direction of God's healing grace and sanctification then we are making a choice somewhere not to move. I do not mean to sound condescending or shaming, but do encourage everyone to pursue God with all their hearts, minds and strength for He does want to renew all of us and reveal Himself to us. He has called us to come to Him in faith where He desires to restore us and make us whole. "For without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who _comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him" (Heb. 11:6).


A final reason that TPM may not work for some people is that 5) some people have misunderstood what this ministry has claimed about what it can do and cannot do. There have been critics who have said that we made certain claims that we have never made. We have never suggested that people are completely made whole within their minds simply by participating in a few sessions. We have clearly taught that renewal occurs memory-by-memory and lie-by lie, over the course of a lifetime. I don't believe that a single session of this ministry will resolve all the pain in a person's life, since mind renewal is a lifelong journey. It would be marvelous if this were so in that I often grow weary of the journey and would love a quick fix. I am a landfill of lies and rarely does a day pass that I am not exposed to more of what is not true in my thinking. However, just because a person still has emotional duress in some area of his or her life after a session does not mean that renewal did not occur in the specific place where ministry was administered. The ministry recipient must look carefully at the places where ministry was applied and evaluate whether the peace of Christ is resident in those specific places. If there is still pain in the specific memory, then either renewal did not occur or there are more lies yet to be exposed in that place.

[In the email you said this woman was not able to find freedom from the fear of speaking in front of a live audience. This fear is rooted in some lie-based belief. If she is unable to get to a memory that is related to the fear then the block is her own "guardian" belief that keeps her from moving forward. If she is able to identify the memory where the fear is located and able to identify the lies she is holding but not able to receive truth from the Lord then there is a reason. The reason will be rooted in her belief. When ever I ask the Lord to reveal truth to a person and "nothing" happens I know that we are not at the place we need to be. I also know that it is not my responsibility to get the person to any place. In the same way that I am responsible to move to the place where I can find His truth so is it the person's responsibility to do the same. If you watched me minister with someone you would see how I gently, but firmly keep the "ball in the person's court" making it their responsibility to make every decision, figure out why they are stuck and choosing to own and embrace the pain that is present. I no longer feel any emotional stirring in myself when I do ministry. If a person gets stuck, does not feel pain, cannot identify the lie, cannot hear from the Lord I experience the peace of Christ. I have only come to this place by my own choosing as I have been willing to feel, expose and hold up to the Lord what I have held on to. As He has revealed His truth I have then found release. (Note: I say all of this knowing full well that I am still chocked full of lies and will not be surprised that I don't get triggered in my next ministry session.)]


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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