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Just wondering about the web site listing of "friendly" web sites that are supposed to be listed on Theophostic's Home page?  Is that still in the works?


We have already posted several sites on the Home page.  If you have a ministry that you would like us to link to then there are several things we need you to do.  


First, If you have "copied and pasted" information from our old site what you have posted may no longer be accurate.  I am asking you to replace it with the information you will find on the new Web page.  I realize that you have put a lot of work in your current site but the data you have may no longer be relevant or up to date and may even now be misinformation.   It would be very helpful and much appreciated if you made these changes as soon as possible.


Second, be sure and put a link back to our site in a prominent place on the pages where you mention Theophostic Prayer Ministry or on your home page where it is clearly visible to those who visit your site.


Third, and most importantly, I would like you to write a positive personal statement about your involvement with TPM in a way that would encourage someone seeking a ministry tool to try Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  There are a few websites that are critical of TPM and have promoted much misinformation.  Your honest appraisal and testimony can help offset this.


Perhaps you might want to describe how Theophostic Ministry has benefited your work or share a personal testimony (be careful that the testimony is reflective of the TPM Guidelines found on the new sight) or write a positive article that demonstrates how your positive experience with TPM is different from the negative reports one might read on the Internet.  Be careful to avoid jargon and concepts that will not be understood by someone who is merely seeking to know more about TPM and keep what you say about TPM "pure" TPM.  Some people are writing short articles countering some of the false claims about TPM.  Hopefully, articles giving evidence of what the Lord is doing and how you are using the principles in your particular setting can provide seekers with a good source for making their decision about this ministry approach.   Your testimony alongside of hundreds of others could be a powerful way to counter the misinformation of the few negative sites.


Fourth, once you have made these changes contact us by email giving us your web address so we can look at what you have done.  Once we read through your changes and your site has been approved, we will link you to our site and place your URL in a list of "positive sites" to visit so that people searching the Internet will have easy access to this information. This positive list of sites will be placed and prioritized according to the quality of information provided. The articles, comments or testimonies that seem to best support and accurately describe the effectiveness of TPM will get the higher listings.  This should increase the traffic to your site significantly since you will be linked to us.  Since we are always in the number one spot on most search engines our linking back to you should provide you much greater exposure and access to people looking for help.  We have hundreds of thousands of hits regularly and thus your exposure should increase accordingly. We will notify you once your site has been linked.


Fifth, Theophostic Prayer Ministries is grateful for the thousands of individuals and ministry organizations who are now using these simple principles and experiencing the healing of the Lord Jesus in the lives of hurting people.   Because of this, we desire to encourage and assist every individual and ministry as they make information about TPM available to their prospective ministry recipients.  Therefore, the following disclaimer is intended to clarify our expectations and to provide helpful direction to you as you promote the important work to which you are called.


Please include this disclaimer in a prominent place on your website:


(Your site or organization) greatly appreciates and gives positive testimony to the benefits of Theophostic® Prayer Ministries, but it is not in any way endorsed by, officially connected to, or affiliated with Dr. Ed Smith or any entity, corporation or aspect of Theophostic® Prayer Ministries. In addition, Theophostic® is a trademark of Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky and Dr. Ed Smith, its founder and developer of, who is the only one who has the right to define it.


Any other types of ministry mentioned or promoted on this site are not a part of what we understand Dr. Smith to define as Theophostic® Prayer Ministry and are not offered as a substitute for the Basic and Advanced Theophostic®  Prayer Ministry Training provided by Dr. Smith. For further information about Theophostic® Prayer Ministry, its developer Ed Smith, D.Min., or to order training materials, please visit www.theophostic.com.,or call 270-465-3757. 


Also, we need to know that you are doing genuine Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  Read through a copy of the Theophostic Prayer Ministry Guidelines and be sure that you agree with what is there and can say that this is what you are doing.  If you do not have a copy of the Ministry Session Guidelines go to www.theophostic.com and download a copy. 


After you have fulfilled what we have requested contact us back with your web site address.  If you are approved you will be listed in the positive web site link section on the TPM web site.  This will send many new people to your site.




Ed Smith

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