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I have a person that I have been praying with over the past few months. After extended moments of silence, she reports what she sees and the Lord is always in her memories. I am confident that her results are God because she has peace and calm. When we check the memory in our next session, there is still peace and calm in those memories.


However, recently there has been a block and I am not sure if this is beyond my realm of training, or if I just don't know which question to ask to help uncover a guardian lie.


In our last session, she reported seeing the Lord with his arms stretched over her as if she was tucked safely under an angel's wing. She felt his comfort, but at the same time, she said she felt as if part of her had been ripped apart and she saw the other part of her still on the floor, bent over, with a dark cloud hovering over her. We prayed for God to reveal anything in her life that might be a sin hindering her complete victory. She was completely honest and asked the Lord to forgive her - at this point she felt that it was pride. After her prayer, she said she saw Jesus putting a chain around Satan's neck and holding him in place. I thought that would have resolved the issue, but it didn't. She experienced this pain so deeply that it literally hurt her. She just could not shake that torn apart feeling. I assured her I would search for the answer.


Ed Smith's response:


I cannot tell you what to do in this situation since I have very limited information. However, according to what you have shared, it sounds as if she is holding some belief that is tied into the feeling of being torn apart. There is something she is believing about reconnecting to the part of her that she perceives is still on the floor in pain. I am not surprised that the visual of Jesus chaining the devil had no impact. The only power that the devil has in our life is the lies we believe. We are not safe from him because he is chained up, but rather because we stand in the finished work of Christ. The devil is not chained up, he was defeated 2000 years ago and lost his grip on us. However, every lie we believe is a bondage that he operates within. Nevertheless the bondage is the snare (lie) not the "snare."


I might ask her to feel this emotion as deeply as she is willing. As she focuses on this pain, I might ask her to figure out what she senses is the belief behind it. I might ask her, "What is believed would happen if she allowed herself to feel and remember?" I might ask her if there is any hesitancy or resistance to reconnecting to that part of herself that she feels torn apart from. If there is, I would ask what is believed about that which is causing her to resist. I might ask her what she believed might happen if she allowed herself to embrace and know what was happening with that part of her on the floor. If she said "No", then I would ask her what is believed would happen if she did. I would ask her to hold all the beliefs that surfaced up to the Lord to get His perspective. There will likely be a lie(s) that she is holding that has her stuck. Everything is always rooted in the belief and choice of the person. Encourage her to identify what these beliefs are. Let it be her responsibility to figure it out. I assume that you have the 2005 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual. There is much in the Free Will chapter about this.


I hope that this helps..


Ed Smith

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