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I read your new revised manual concerning the new information for dealing with demons. I have a question or maybe just need some clarification. What you say concerning the importance of viewing Satan from a post-resurrection perspective rather than a pre-resurrection one sounds allot like dispensationalist. Doesn't this nullify the basic teachings of Christ?


Ed Smith's response:


No, actually all I am saying is that Satan himself, not the many teachings of Christ, is in a different place today (post-resurrection) than he was before the cross. Before the cross he was in power and after the Cross he has been defeated. When viewing Satan today we must view him in light of the Cross and Resurrection and what the Epistles teach concerning what he can and cannot do. Much of what he did in the Gospels and how he was interacted with was due to his standing at that time. The Cross changed this. Satan was not defeated before the cross and he acted from his position before he was cast down and dethroned. The devil after the Cross is still crafty, deceptive and a "roaring lion" but he does not hold any place of power in the believer's life apart from what the person gives him. He and all of the demonic host operate within the beliefs and choices of the believer. It is in this arena that the battle is won or lost, not in overpowering an enemy who has already been defeated by the risen Lord. The moment we engage him in further battle we reinstate him to a place that Jesus took from Him 2000 years ago. I am amazed how ministry sessions that I facilitate have calmed down and the demons just do not manifest like they used to. They already knew these truths and were just enjoying my lack of understanding.


However, agreeing with what I have just said or teach in the Basic Seminar Manual regarding Satan and demons is not a necessity for doing this ministry. I have no problem with people doing whatever manner of deliverance they may chose to do. It has been my experience that demons are lie-detectors" that indicate some level of the person's own false belief. Demons have the "power" and act out the way they do only because the person is holding to a lie at some level. The reason that demons have impact in the messages that they send to peoples' minds is because the person believes the message. The reason that people are "oppressed" by the devil is because there is something that is available for it to oppress. Oppression is connected to the falsehood that the person is holding. I suggest that rather than fighting the devil, we should use its presence to point in the direction of the person's belief. Once the lies that the person is holding are identified and exposed and replaced with the truth from the Holy Spirit, the demon will have nothing to stand upon. True "deliverance" requires the person to know and stand on truth.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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