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I was trained with the 1999 edition of the Basic Training Manual.  I have not yet read the 2005 edition.  I have heard that there are many changes.  I was confused by the terms that you used in the 1999 manual about "lie-based theology" versus "sin-based theology."  Can you elaborate on this idea?  Is this clarified in the new edition of the Basic Training Manual?


Ed Smith's response:


     Although the concept of lie-based emotion and pain continues to be a foundational part the TPM process, you will not find the theological distinction that you have mentioned b in the new manual at all.  I made the decision to remove it along with several other "non-essential" theological concepts that did not pertain to TPM.  I did this for several reasons.  First, I had no idea how diverse the Body of Christ was theologically when I wrote the 1999 edition.  I have since discovered that no matter what I say or how I say it someone will disagree and in many cases take an offense.  People either say "amen" or "get a rope."  Some people have invested an enormous amount of time and energy into trying to "correct my theology" and set me straight which has at times been helpful but sometimes distracting.  In truth, I have been grateful for those who have genuinely come along beside me with a redemptive spirit and have graciously sought to point out areas where they thought I was in need of instruction. These people have helped me and the ministry is in a better place because of their insight. Those who have had this attitude and approach have been welcomed and helpful.  One such person helped me to see the necessity to clarify what was essential theologically for doing TPM and to separate out that which was peripheral and not an essential part of the TPM process.  This is the reason that this part of the older version is not in the new manual. 


     The lie-based versus sin-based idea was misunderstood by some in that they thought that I was saying that sin was unimportant and that the only reason that people sin is due to the lies that they believe. This is not what I believe.  I have tried to clarify this position in both the new manual and in the book Healing Life's Hurts.  Sin is a choice that is exercised by the free will that God has given each of us. I sin because I choose to and not because of my past, my lie-based pain or anything else. 

In the current Basic Training I do say that sin is often motivated by the emotional pain in our lives.  Or better stated, sin is often a vain attempt at pain managing behavior.  I often challenge people to examine what they are feeling just before they make a choice to sin or when they are being tempted to sin.  Very often people feel negative emotions such as feeling anxious, fearful, sad, angry, abandoned, helpless, powerless, bored, or frustrated just prior to being tempted or when they actually sin.  In the midst of this emotional stirring people report that they are often tempted to act out in such a way in an attempt to "medicate" this emotional duress.  Is this the only reason that we sin?  Not at all, but it is a common experience.  When I talked about lie-based versus sin-based theology I was not suggesting an either or position, but seeking to bring to the front how emotional pain in people's lives has much to do with the choices people make.  Nevertheless, since this concept is not an essential part of the Theophostic process, I have removed it from the Basic Training.  I may at some point develop this concept in a stand-alone book, but for now it is not needed. 


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith   

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