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1> I live in another country and am offering ministry to 4 people. With one I have had great success & she has gone on to experience great recovery.  However with the other 3 the same thing has happened, when drifting back to a memory they report confusion in the memory, I am not able to get them to go beyond the confusion or to stay in the memory. They always say that the memory is confusing & leave the memory. Is this a culture thing?  


2> According to your IATM association members list I am the only trained Theophostic minister in my city and in my country. In the manual it says that self-ministry will only work after you have received 12 hours of regular ministry. What do you suggest I do in my situation? I have tried to receive ministry from my wife but for some reason I find it difficult to receive any kind of ministry from her, not just Theophostic.

Ed Smith's response:

I was surprised to hear that 3 out of 4 people you are working with have reported feeling confused when in a memory. I cannot identify the common denominator here, but this seems a bit strange. Nevertheless, you what you have. However, I often have many people who do not want to stay in a painful memory and run from their pain. This is to be expected. It is a matter of the person identifying the "guardian lie" they believe about staying in the place of pain. Once this lie is exposed, it can be held up to the Lord for His truth and the person should be able to proceed. There is a belief that causes them to not choose to stay in the memory. Once the belief is identified and resolved they should move forward.

I have addressed confusion in some detail in the Basic Seminar Manual (2005 edition) which I encourage you to read. In brief, if the person feels confusion, then this is the emotion that needs to be focused on. The fact that they are pulling out of the memory indicates that there is a resistance to moving forward. This resistance will have a belief related to it. People resist for a reason. They leave the memory because they believe something about staying in it. You might ask the question "What is believed will happen if you stay in the memory and feel the confusion?" Their answer to this may reveal lie-based thought that will need to be addressed.

As I discuss in the basic manual, confusion is sometimes connected to memories that are pre-verbal. Since the child could not understand or communicate what was happening, the experience was confusing. However, do not make this assumption or try to uncover some pre-verbal event. Let them make all the discoveries on their own. Have them stay focused on the feeling of confusion and go to whatever memory they choose to remember. Once they are there, encourage them to stay in the memory. Possibly ask the Lord if He has a truth for them about their confusion. 

I have said all of this assuming that they are able to get to a memory and are aware of what is happening. If not, then the confusion may be a defense from moving forward. This is also discussed in the manual in more detail. You might ask, "Is the confusion keeping you from feeling, knowing, seeing etc. what you may need to experience in order to move forward?" Maybe ask, "What is believed will happen if you let the confusion go?" Read the section in Chapter titled "Different Types and Categories of Lies" under the subheading "confusion


Your second question was about doing TPM on yourself. I do not recall placing an hour restriction on receiving ministry before doing personal ministry on yourself, but I may have in earlier writings. My reason for this would have been so that the person has opportunity to receive ministry and log some experiential hours before going it alone. However, you will have to do what you can with what you have. To aid you in this, there is a whole chapter in the Basic seminar Manual (2005 edition) that gives instruction on doing this. You might just try it and see what happens. If you have success, then this is good. If you cannot, then you will have to seek out ministry from someone else. If you do not know of anyone in your area you might consider developing your own group. Find people you trust, a pastor, another couple, friend in ministry, etc. and have them take the Basic Training and then begin practicing ministry with each other. Many people are doing this in situations such as yours. Also, know that there are many more people in Brazil doing TPM than what is listed in the IATM directory. That directory is only people who are members of the Association. However, I cannot give out names of people without permission. You said that you have trouble allowing your wife to do ministry with you. The reason that you are not able to receive ministry from your wife is probably due to your own lie-based pain being triggered. Sometimes I can receive and give to my wife and then there are times when I cannot. However, you might just make the choice to submit and focus on the feelings that are connected to this resistance. These feelings will expose your own lie-based thinking. The emotion that stirs up in you when you try to let your wife minister is the very emotion that is lie-based. In a sense your wife is exposing you. Let your wife be this trigger for you, feel what stirs up and try to follow these emotions to the lie-based source. It will be hard but try to let go of the belief that says that your wife is causing what you feel. This is not so. Try to submit to the process, follow your exposed pain to its memory source and identify the lies that you are harboring.

I encourage you to re-read the material in the revised 2005 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual. Read especially the chapter on the "Will of Man". There is much helpful information in this chapter about people being stuck and dealing with mental blocks that hinder them from moving forward.


I hope that this help


Ed Smith

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