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Is it appropriate for a person facilitating a ministry session to allow the prayer partner to interject his or her thinking in the session? Or, should the prayer partner remain quiet and let the facilitator be the only one talking or asking questions?


Ed Smith's response:


During the session the focus is on the person making the discovery of what it is he or she believes causing him or her to feel bad. The facilitator in the session does not want to do anything that distracts from this taking place. I have said often that anytime that we do anything that causes the session to move in any direction that we think it should go then we are no longer doing TPM. This is a guiding principle that should always be in the fore front of what we do.


However, when it comes to how many people can actual participate in the facilitation of the session I do not have any hard fast rule. Order and the absence of distraction is more important. What I would suggest is that everyone involved be clearly informed as to what is going to happen before the session begins. The recipient of ministry should know ahead of time that either the facilitator or prayer partner may facilitate at any given time if this is going to happen. If the prayer partner speaks up unannounced this could create confusion. If the prayer partner is going to speak during the session, then this should be understood before the session begins. I think a better approach might be for the prayer partner to write down on a note pad what he or she is thinking and pass this over to the facilitator to consider. However, I believe that the facilitator should have the right to not follow the suggestion if he or she chooses. The prayer partner should be comfortable with the facilitator's decision in this as well.


The main thing is that whatever happens in the session should support the ministry recipient's discovery process and not distract or lead.


Hope that this helps.


Ed Smith

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