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You asked...
I just received the new videos for the Basic Seminar.  I am just curious as to why the two sessions have been taken out of the seminar and replaced with the live session.  I am thrilled to have the session as part of the seminar as I used to ask someone to do that and I would do ministry with that person to show the group what it looked like.  I just wondered why it was decided that the other material was not needed any longer.
Ed's response...
"This Ministry is growing and emerging almost on a daily basis as we learn more and grow in our understanding.  The primary content of the tape that was removed was theological information that presented my position on what I believed about sanctification and renewal and not necessarily what others believe.  The tapes that were removed were not essential to the Basic Training of Theophostic Prayer Ministry and thus not needed in the Basic Training.  I did not want to create disunity or conflict with any person that might result in him or her rejecting the core teachings of this ministry.  Someday I may release the material under a different cover but for now it seems best to keep it out.  The Theophostic community is made up of every Christian denomination in the world.  We are a potential "landmine" for conflict.  However, by keeping the message simple and the central focus Jesus we can do well.
The New Basic Seminar  Manual is almost complete.  It has much revision and clarification.  The original was released almost five years ago and much has changed. I am still waiting on the final edits and then we will send it off to the printer.  I will be making the IATM member a good deal on the new revision.  Watch for the promotion or visit the web site at www.theophostic.com.
Ed Smith

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