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You asked... Dear Dr. Smith, I and several of my family members have had memories that are SRA in nature. However, a particular memory surfaced that we all agree could have not ever have happened. This has caused me to question other memories as well. Ed Smith's response: First of all, I do not believe that any person's memories are entirely accurate. We all fail to remember what happened in our lives with total accuracy. Memories are a combination of hopefully factual elements, personal interpretations, sensory experiences, and a sometimes a mixture of other memory events being mixed in. We all remember what we remember, which is what our minds recorded from our vantage point and through the receptions through our five senses. Every memory should be held loosely until they can be verified (when and if they can.) This does not mean that memory is unreliable for it is reliable for the most part. However, we must move carefully as we walk through our histories. SRA memory is even more questionably fully accurate. I do not know if what you have remembered is true or not and I have no way to tell. In the same way, I do not know with certainty about any other person's memories to whom I have ministered. However, I do not focus on the content of the memory but rather what the person believes in the memory container that is causing him or her emotional pain. It is not what happened to us that gives us pain but how we understood and interpreted what we believed happened. It is the lie-based belief that we carry forward following the event that is the source of our pain. This is not to say that verifying memory content is not important for it is. I cover this issue in the 2005 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual. In your case, it seems very strange that a whole family could all report such things occurring to them and there not be something going on. Even if it was discovered that no SRA ever occurred, the fact that you all came to this place says something is amiss. I find it very hard to believe that all of you are just making up all of what you have reported . I also find it hard to believe that a whole family could be lead to believe that such evil had occurred to them if in fact nothing ever actually happened. I cannot say what is true and what is not, but do encourage you to keep seeking the Lord and His truth. However, if what has been remembered by others surfacing SRA memory has any validity, then it would seem logical to assume that perpetrators who would do such evil would want to also fill the person's mind with false information to confuse the issue. For example, if I were a perpetrator doing what others have reported in SRA memory, I would never want my identity revealed to the victim. But I might lead them to believe someone else hurt them and not me. I encourage you to do careful investigative work as you sort through all of this and not come to any hard and fast conclusions about the particulars. It would be important for me to know how you and your family came to the memories that you all have reported. Did any person make any suggestions to you, insinuate that you had these things happen to you, or lead you in any manner to come to these places? If so I would disregard anything that you did not personally discover and surface on your own since this would be "poor therapy" and may have led you in a wrong direction. However, the places that you surfaced on your own are important to look at. This is especially true if other members of your family have surfaced similar memory content on their own as well. I would want to know how the people in your family all came to these similar places? Do any of you have memories where you were at the same place at the same time? If you all agree that something has indeed happened then the healing path you are on is valid even if you discover that some of what you remember is not. I pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom and discernment to tell the difference where you can. Here again, the emotional pain is not in the memory but in the belief held in the memory. Also, are there places where you all once carried pain that are now free and filled with His peace? Has there been noticeable healing occurring in your family's healing journey? Back to your original question about the memory in question. If you all agree that this could have not happened then I would lay these details aside and assume that this was not possible, but still go after the emotion that is related to this thinking and search out its lie-based source. Again, if there were perpetrators that hurt you in ways that are common with what others have reported in SRA, then I would only expect that some of the experiences were manipulated and contrived to create an allusion of something that actually never really happened so that it would create doubts in all the other places. You should not assume that everything that you "remember" is totally accurate. However, if what you surface has lie-based thinking within it, find truth from the Lord here. Though I never assume that what is reported in a SRA memory is accurate, I cannot deny that these people's pain is real and the agony that these people go through is genuine. I also cannot deny that these same people are finding peace in these same memories that they may never verify as totally accurate. I encourage you to make His peace and resultant transformation your goal. I pray that you will find His truth and His peace in your journey with Him.
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