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I noticed in the new 2005 seminar manual that you are no longer rating the intensity of the emotion a person is feeling. The manual seemed clear on this but what about rating the believability of the lie? I am afraid that if I do not rate the lie that is exposed I may not be able to identify the original lie-based thought and then miss something.


Ed Smith's response:


I have said often during the live demonstrations at the Apprenticeship Trainings over the last year that we need not concern ourselves with "missing something." The truth is, it is not our job to make sure that the person gets "through" in a single session. If you miss something (a lie) it will come around again. The Lord will see to it that the lies we harbor are exposed in time. I do not rate the believability of the lie in my sessions any more since I have become more intuitive after thousands of hours of experience. I simply ask the person to feel through the memory that we have visited and look for anything that still feels bad. If there is a lie present it will be discerned by the presence of negative feelings. If the person identifies a bad feeling, we focus in on this and seek to discover what is believed that is producing this pain. I will continue to ask questions that are reflective of what the person surfaces until I sense that we are probably at the root or "bottom." I will then ask the Lord what He wants the person to know about what they have believed in that place. If nothing happens, I simply keep going. Eventually we will wind up at the place that needs to be known and exposed and the Lord reveals His truth.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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