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 How do you handle people who seem to be projecting their own thinking into the session?  How do you know if what they are reporting as truth is not of their own doing?


Ed Smith's response:


The primary test of whether what is reported as "truth" is from the Lord or just the person's own imagination, is in what happens following receiving this truth.  Several things should follow when receiving truth from the Holy Spirit.


One, after receiving the truth does the person enter into the peace of Christ and does the pain resolve?  It is important to distinguish between going "numb" (a defense) and true peace.  However, true peace is unmistakable.  If a person is not sure if he has peace or not then probably this uncertainty is a good indication that what they are experiencing is not peace.


Two, if a person becomes stuck in the ministry session and cannot move forward, do they move past the block when they have received "truth"; truth from the Lord will allow them to proceed forward.

If they are still stuck after receiving truth then it was probably their own mind providing it.


Finally, there should also follow genuine and lasting transformation in his or her life after receiving truth.  When I am doing a session I do not get over concerned about what is reported.  I watch for change. When people encounter the person of Jesus Christ something always happens.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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