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You asked...
"I wanted to know if there was any information about schizophrenia you could send me like the spiritual root causes of it etc.?"
Just as short response here.  I did speak a little about this disorder in the advanced teachings, but have not attempted to teach too much about it.  There is an article in the first IATM Journal that I hope to post on the web site before long which offers some insight.  I intend to make some of the earlier issues  available on the web for members only.
In general it is believed by the mental health professional community that true schizophrenia is chemically rooted and a true brain disorder.  If this is in deed a fact (which has also been my experience) then TPM will not help with the problem.  However, all people with or without disorders are in need of mind renewal.  I would encourage you to leave the diagnosing to the mental health community and focus on helping people to identify their lie-based thinking.  Herein we can be used in a mighty way of God.  Just do basic TPM and work with what you have.  It is amazing what the Lord can do in what may appear an impossible place.  Follow Him.
Hope that this helps
Ed Smith

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