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Dear Dr. Smith,


One of our adult children has a classic case of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Her anger and inability to process information, along with the projection, manipulation and blaming others for everything is taking a heavy toll. She was receiving help for a while, but quit this over a year ago. She has children of her own and we see red flags everywhere. Her husband seems to have a similar problem. What experience have you had with working with BPD?


Ed Smith's response:


I believe that what you are asking is "Can Theophostic Prayer Ministry help people who suffer from BPD? First, due to the time restraint of this email and so as not to be redundant of the voluminous information that is available concerning the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, I will not go into any detail about the characteristics and symptoms of this condition. However, you can do your own research from a variety of sources that are available out there. With this said, I begin my response with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of this disorder, theories as to what causes it and what are the traditional approaches for treating it.


Theophostic Prayer Ministry is focused on lie-based thinking not the behavior or symptoms of a person's issues or situation. BPD is a diagnosis of a list of symptoms that meet the criteria for fulfilling this diagnosis. However, the diagnosis does not specify the cause or the resolution for this condition. TPM clearly teaches that the only impact that this ministry approach can have with a person is in the area of exposing lies that are producing painful emotion and then the resolution of these lies through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. If the symptoms and the behavior in your daughter's life are driven by the emotions that are rooted in this lie-based thinking in her memory experiences, then there is a hopeful possibility that the diagnosis could change as the person comes into truth. As a word of caution here; unless you are a certified mental health professional you never need make any diagnosis of a person's mental condition. However, you can do ministry with whomever God brings across your path.


Going back to your original question. Can TPM help a person who is diagnosed with BPD? The answer is yes in that he or she can be free of lie-based thinking in the same way any other person can find freedom. However, if the BPD symptoms are not rooted in lie-based thinking then the symptoms will remain as long as their root cause is left undone. Much traditional thought is that the root cause is biochemical. This may indeed be the case for some people. I do not think this is necessarily true for all cases. To make a global statement such as all BPD diagnosis is caused by a chemical imbalance would be pushing the envelope without supporting evidence. However, it is safe to say that all BPD people are lie-based in their thinking to some measure just as everyone else on this planet. Can the BPD person find benefit through TPM? Benefit? Yes. Can they find complete resolve of all his or her BPD symptoms? I cannot say. Nevertheless, the same peace that is afforded to all people who are willing to own their own pain, come clean before the Lord and receive His truth is available to the BPD person as well.


I would encourage you to provide your daughter with a copy of the Healing Life's Hurts book and ask her to consider what is taught therein. Keep in mind that her freedom is her choice and her free will must be acknowledged in this process. This is her journey and she has to own what is going on within her. If she is willing to consider ministry you might encourage her to seek out a qualified person who has some years of experience in doing this ministry. As far as the symptoms of BPD, you will simply have to wait and see. It is possible that finding freedom from the lies she believes could have a positive effect on her condition. At the same time you are encouraged to seek traditional approaches to the degree that she is willing.


I hope that this helps.


Ed Smith

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