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As a pastor, I'm wondering if you have given much thought to using TPM in a corporate setting. I know that you wouldn't be able to do it the same way or as specific as with an individual, but it seems that there should be some ways to apply the principles of TPM when preaching/teaching. Or is TPM only effective in a one on one setting.


Ed Smith's response:


I have applied the process in a group setting several different times over the course of the years with various results. There are several precautions that I would advise before you ever consider doing this. First, ask yourself the question, "Do I want to be responsible for the casualties that might result should the session get out of hand?" Also consider the possibility that there may very well be people who break into deep traumatic pain and abreact. Ask yourself, "Do I have enough trained and qualified people on hand to deal with the situation should people need special attention?" Ask, "What will I do if a bunch of people get stuck and need help?"


Second, what will I do with all the people that may become opened up who do not find resolution in the session and go home in a bigger emotional mess than before they came. Are you prepared and able to provide all the follow-up ministry that this one session may generate (and it could create much).


I had some good things happen in the groups in which I did the corporate session. However, the above questions are very important and should be taken very seriously. My advise to you is DON'T do it. Rather, train up a team of people who can give individual attention to each person seeking ministry. I think that this is the better approach. Continue to preach and teach the larger body but offer ministry one at a time. This seems to be the model that Christ followed. He taught the masses but touched the individual.


Hope that this helps,


Ed Smith

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