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I am interested in learning more about Dr. Smith's teaching that suggests that when Jesus shows up in a memory He makes the person's past the present tense.  I know that Dr. Smith is concerned about centering his teachings in Holy Scripture, so is there a biblical passage (or passages) that supports this teaching, or is it inferred from some other theological principle? Thank you.
Ed Smith's response:

First, please understand that this is one of those areas that is not an essential part of doing Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  I am very open to others interpretation and explanation of what occurs when the Lord reveals His truth and perspective into a person's painful memories.  What I offer as explanation here is only my opinion and nothing more.  However, I do base this opinion on a Biblical principle concerning the omnipresence of God.  I believe that God is not only "all-present"  as in location but He is also all-present in this area we know as time.  He is not limited to any "time zone".  I have a past and a present.  However, God lives in the past, present and future.  He is!  When the Lord shows up in my past experience "He Is!"  He is the same today yesterday and forever.  When God meets us in our places of pain in our past, He is not bound by time but is experientially the ever present "I am."  I believe this is the reason that He is able to reveal a truth into my past experience and bring about such a radical transformation.  I also believe this explains in part why I the facilitator cannot do the same for those I am trying to help.  When I speak into a person's historical painful moment, not much (if anything) happens.  However, when the Lord shows up and reveals His truth, something powerful happens.  Take this teaching for what it is and if you have an alternative explanation I am all ears.  Lets learn together as we go down this exciting path with an ever-present Savior.
Hope that this helps.
Ed Smith

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