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Dear Ed,


 I am a Pastor but mainly I have a prayer ministry. I have been doing TPM for over two years now and try to stay strictly with the Theophostic process when that's what the appointment is for.  However, I also do a special form of counseling that involves discovering the person's temperament.   I keep the processes of Theophostic and the temperament analysis quite separate.However, I have found that requiring the person to initially have a temperament analysis done gives me much beneficial information.


Doing temperament analysis during the initial introductory session (in which I do not do the Theophostic process at all) lets me obtain information such as which people might actually attempt suicide and which ones never would.


 Later, in a Theophostic session, I am careful NOT to "project" the information I've learned onto the person.  I trust the Holy Spirit to lead the process wherever He wants it to go and let the person be responsible for their own choices.  However, the temperament analysis has given me a window into understanding the areas where lies would have been easily received and also what their major needs are....which may be going unmet.  Do you have any problem with this since I am careful not to blend the processes and also not to project the information I know while doing Theophostic?


Ed Smith's response:


Theophostic Prayer Ministry is a specialized ministry that has a primary focus of helping people to identify the lies they believe that are causing them emotional duress in their lives.  It does not interpret temperament, diagnose disorders, teach life skills, provide bible instruction or many other things.  TPM does what it does and does not replace many of the other helpful ministries and counseling approaches that are out there.  I am not familiar with the form of counseling that you are doing so I cannot bring my thoughts to its value but I am glad to hear that you are keeping it separate from TPM.  Trouble often arises where people are doing a little TPM and a little of something else.  It is good that you are clear about what you are doing with the people with whom you minister.  I have been doing TPM for over ten years now and found that it is very effective when allowed to do and be what it is.  I do not ever mix it with anything else.  However, there are times that I do traditional biblical counseling, instruction and discipleship.  However, when I do this people know that I am not doing TPM.


I am glad to hear that you are keeping TPM and the other things you are doing to help people separate and well defined.


Thank you,


Ed smith


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