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"I have a recipient that is afraid to let herself feel because the 2 or 3 times  she has, she said she cannot control it & all her personalities come out at one time & she rages & hurts herself & is out of control & has been committed & hospitalized , tranquilized & bound. She is determined that she will not go through that again. She wants to participate in TPM  but is fearful that it will happen again. I can't assure her that she won't loose control again, so we seem stymied. Please answer this question because she needs & wants help so badly."
Ed's response:

Unless you are a mental health professional that is connected to a strong support and referral base along with the medical heath community, this case does not sound like one that a lay minister needs to go alone.  If you are a lay minister I would not work with her in this capacity unless you have professional people who are willing to work with you. 
If you cannot provide a safe environment in which she can explore these feelings and process the memories then I would not do TPM with her at this time. You can offer her supportive prayer and encouragement but you probably should not  run the risk of her hurting herself.  Though I believe that she will need to allow herself to feel and look at root causes of this pain, you run the risk of a bad situation unless you have the expertise and a safe place for her to do this.  I think I would probably ask her to locate a mental health professional and a medical person who would be willing to partner with you in this.  Have her do the ground work and set it all up.  When she has been able to secure such then you can contact these people and work out an arrangement.  If you are not a professional then I would not walk out into this water alone. Handle this with utmost caution.
I also sense that you are feeling some level of emotion from all of this.  I would encourage you to see if there is some thing being exposed in you as well.  Find the peace of Christ in this before you move to far in this direction with her.
I hope that his helps.
Ed  Smith

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