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I am working with a person who is having difficulties getting to his memories. I am not too concerned, but he is somewhat discouraged. He has asked several times about using hypnosis to get to the memories. He has in mind getting a qualified hypnotist to do that work and my following through with TPM. Any experience or thoughts?


Ed Smith's response:


I would NOT do this. TPM avoids all forms of hypnosis. However, it is your ministry and you are free to do whatever you will. Just be willing to own the consequences of your choices. Please make sure that this person knows that hypnosis has NOTHING to do with TPM and that anything that he "uncovers" through hypnotism may be questionable at best. I personally think that his going for hypnosis will hinder the TPM process. I would put this in the category of actions I call "going on the attack." When people get stuck we want to do something to make things different; do spiritual warfare, have them renounce something, give them our opinions and insight, give them steps of action, go to a hypnotist. The problem is not something that needs to be attacked but rather be seen for what it is; belief and choice.


Also if he goes to a hypnotist and "uncovers" a memory, now you have the problem of verifying if it is genuine and you may come under scrutiny about it all. I would avoid hypnotism completely.


I think that there is a better approach. First, you re-read the chapter on free will in the 2005 Basic Training Manual. If he is having trouble getting to any true memory then it is due to something that he believes about going there. Find out what it is that he is believing that is contrary to identifying the root of his pain. Everything is resting on his belief and choice. Nothing other than his own belief and choice is standing in the way of his freedom. Sometimes we ourselves get triggered by people getting stuck and we want to provide a solution rather than just letting it be the person's responsibility. It is easy to make the person a victim that needs to be rescued.


Gently help him to understand the "belief and choice" principle as described in the Basic Training Manual. Help him to learn to listen to his own inner thinking as you ask questions about what he is feeling about getting to the memory. Help him to differentiate between "desire" and "will." He does desire to go to the place that holds the lies causing him pain, but he is choosing (will) to be right where he is. He will get where he needs to be when the lies that are contrary to his going there are identified and replaced with truth. Re-read the sections on guardian lies to gain insight on this.


Finally, let this be his journey and his responsibility. Ask him if he is willing to ask the Lord to do whatever is necessary in his external world that would motivate him to choose to go forward. Warn him that this can be a harsh and painful experience. Remind him of the story of Jonah where God orchestrated life around Jonah to motivate him to go to Nineveh by sending a storm and a great fish. Check your own emotional status concerning how you feel when you see him stuck. If you are feeling anything less than peace get your own ministry so that you are not tempted to rescue him. He really will find release when he makes the choice to move forward. He will make the choice to move forward when the lies that are contrary to this are identified and confessed to the Lord.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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