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I am currently working with a homosexual, and I want to employ TPM.  I have read that it is very successful for those struggling against homosexuality. Are there any modifications or emphases to standard protocol that are beneficial for this population?


Ed Smith's Response...


There is no empirical evidence that TPM is "very successful" with homosexuality but there are numerous reports from the field that say that good things are happening.  As far as modifying the technique for working with homosexuals there are none.  There are several important factors that must take place with any person if they want freedom.


One, what is the desire of the person's heart?  Does he or she want to be free from the bondage in his or her life?  Jesus often asked people before he healed them, "What is it that you want?"  I have never tried to talk a homosexual into leaving his or her lifestyle.  What and where they are is their responsibility and choice.  All behavior is a choice for which each person must give an eternal account.  I offer ministry to people who come to me desiring to move in the direction of God.  Some people believe that homosexuality is acceptable by God and use the Scriptures to support this. I do not try to convince them otherwise and do not bring judgment upon their lies for what I personally believe is a misuse of Scripture.  However, just like me, they must give an account to God based upon what His final word is. If homosexuality is sin (I personally believe that it is), and this is what we choose, then we must stand before God with these choices.  However, I too will stand before God with my sinful choices in hand.  Mercy is in order here.  I believe that when people can be led into the presence of Jesus, His holiness can reveal what we need to turn from and let go of better than my opinions and judgments.


Second, if the desire of the heart is freedom then there must also be the willingness to choose to follow the pain to its root.  This is sometimes very hard for many people.  I am not suggesting that all homosexuals have been sexually abused as children but a high number of them who seek ministry do report this.  Trauma has different effects on different people.  Some people become sexually disorientated and thus find themselves drawn into a homosexual lifestyle.  Whatever the root of one's pain and thus subsequent behavior may be, we have to choose to go to and embrace this pain and expose its lie-based thinking.


Third, often long-term behavior will have more than one lie-based root.  It may take many sessions in ministry to completely free a person from a compulsive or demanding behavior.  It is important that we not make the behavior the focus but rather the lies and the root causes.  Finally, if you approach homosexuality as a sin and the person sees it as a sinful choice then it must be taken to the cross as with all other sin. Present victory is important even if the compulsion is still present. Offering support and encouragement all along the way is vital.


Hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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