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Why is so much emphasis placed on Demons and Demonization in the new Video Workbook?  Sessions 1 - 3 which cover the introduction to the Basic Principles through the Theophostic Procedure only takes up 23 pages in the Workbook.  Session 6 on Demons and Demonization takes up 31 pages. Do we to conclude from this that understand Session 6 is more important than Sessions 1-3?  It seems like the Video and Workbook text for Session 6 implies that demonic issues will come up a lot during basic level Theophostic prayer sessions. Is that correct?


Ed Smith's response:


There are several reasons that so much attention was given to the area of demonization as well as several levels of motivation for doing so.


First, I cannot expect you to automatically appreciate the immense diversity of the trainees' views on this subject. I am continually reminded that my audience is made up of people who are "fighting" demons everyday on one extreme, and people who do not even believe that demons are real on the other. Therefore, it requires a more laborious and comprehensive treatment to try to cover all the various perspectives on this matter.


Second, the most pressing issue for me has been the need to address what I believe is an absence of balance in some of the teaching in this area.  I agree with you that demons should not take up time or undo attention in a ministry session but the truth is, they are in many cases. The devil has been given far more power than he has (Heb. 2:14) and is getting by with much behavior that should not be so.  Therefore, I felt it necessary to give more time up front in the training to help to reduce the time spent in ministry.  I believe that the teaching that I offer is clear and helps to reduce this problem as people apply what I have suggested.


Third, in the new manual (that is going to press this week) I give a long chapter to this issue.  I do think that what I have to say can make the ministry sessions move much smoother and with much less demonic interference. However, for those who rarely encounter anything demonic you are still at the same place.  However, you never know what is going to show up at any given moment.  I would encourage you to be prepared and equipped just in case.


In order to make the basic training even more effective, I have considered taking the majority of the teaching on demons out of the actual manual and putting it in its own self-contained volume.  It could then be as a written work that stands alone and possible cross over to other ministries as well.  I would allude to it in the Basic training and encourage people to read it but not make it an actual part of the Basic training seminar.  I would appreciate comments from you all on this idea.


I hope that this helps


Ed Smith

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