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You asked...
Can I do theophostic with my 4 year old?  I have been through the basic training and would like to help my son - can tpm be done with children?  Thank you for your ministry.

Ed's response...
"My son was about four years old when this ministry began.  My twin daughters were two.  My wife and I have parented our kids using these principles.  Our kids are now 17 and 14.  They all know the principles well and apply them to their own lives.  As a matter of fact I have been encouraging them to co-author a book with me about this whole concept.
Some things to consider:
1) Keep the principles simple with the child.  Keep it on his level.
2) Realize that his faith level is probably more pure and straight forward than yours.  He probably won't question whether Jesus will speak to him or not.
3) Use his emotional duress as an indicator that a lie may have been implanted and help him to learn how to identify what he is thinking that is causing him to feel bad.
4) Know that his "childhood" memories (like what you are dealing with yourself) are occurring day to day.  The places that you have gone in your childhood is what he is  dealing with in the present.  He will not have to look too far back to find the original source; maybe yesterday.
5) Learn how his mind processes and work in concert with what God has designed.  Avoid placing your grid over top of him.
6) Do not make doing TPM punishment or a drudgery.  Move at his pace and know that your four year old has a free will and must choose healing and renewal just as you.
Hope that this helps
Ed  Smith

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  •  Adam wrote 1916 Days Ago (neutral) 

    Yes Please! We would love a book on TPM / children / parenting. We live & do TPM with our children at times but would like more information / guidelines.

    The emotion part seems to be quite easy but identifying the lie can take time. They don't process the same as us. We have found that time is very important it can not be rushed / pressured.

    And be ready to be triggered! In my experience it is often me who acted incorrectly to plant the lie in the first place... Lord help me change! At least we can see where we have erred, how they have interpreted and what issues we have to bring into our next session. Smile

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