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Dr. Ed Smith
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It is actually very easy to connect and network...


Making "friends" as it is know as on the site is actually very simple.  Go to the person's profile page and click on "Befriend."  This will send a notice to the person asking them to become your friend.  If they accept you will be notified. 


Once you add a friend they will be able to access your profile page and comment on your wall and share their profile information with you as well. 


Another way to become aquainted with other members is as you read other member's blogs, prayer requests, forum posts etc. simply make a comment or two.  You can write a word of encouragement where needed or offer some help with any TPM issue that might be being discussed.  You can always send an email if you wish or Instant Message (IM) if both you and the other person are online at the same time.


It is Okay to also send a "GREETING" which is an initial contact that lets the other member know that you are interested in becoming acquainted.  To send a "GREETING" go to the person's PROFILE page and select the "GREETING" link.  If you receive a "greeting" from a member you can click the link in the email you receive to respond.  However, for security reasons you will need to be logged onto the website before the link will allow you to respond.  You can also send an email either to his site mail or personal mail or both by going to the person's PROFILE page.


You can also send a BULLETIN from your ACCOUNTS page and "blast" all your friends a lengthy message they can read on their page at the same time.


Something I often do is select the MEMBERS tab and then select the sub link "online" and then send an Instant Message (IM).  This is a fun way to drop in on someone and start a conversation.


A new feature coming soon is the VIDEO CHAT which will allow many people to join in a discussion LIVE by webcam and audio as well as text.  This feature will be a great way to meet as a group.


I encourage you to reach out and connect and share what the Lord is doing in your part of the world and allow others to give a good report to you as well.


Enjoy the site.


Ed Smith

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  •  weRnot4got10 wrote 1561 Days Ago (neutral) 

    I live on the east side of Rochester, NY and am looking for someone trained in the updated TPM method to help a couple at my church who are greatly struggling.

    I went to some of the earlier training sessions around 2000-2001 and used that method with a few people at my former church.  There is no TPM where I go now, and I am not yet trained in the newer method, though I have purchased the materials and hope to get a group started there some time this year.

    If anyone out there in IATM-Land is trained, available, willing to help, and in this vicinity, I'd be very grateful to make contact with you.

    Thank you!  Heidi Mason :)


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