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Dr. Ed Smith
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Look in the top left-hand corner of the Home Page and find pictures of members to whom I want to draw your attention.  They each are doing something unique in the Body of Christ.


I am not suggesting that these people are more special than any other member, for they are not, but I only wanted to highlight them so that you will visit their profile page and pray for them this week.  Please click on their picture to go to their individual Profile Page.  If you feel compelled you might send them an encouraging email letting them know that you are praying for them


Featured members this week include:

- Steve Freitag.  Director of CrossCounsel Ministry.  It has been in existence since 1996. Steve is commited to training his people with PURE TPM. Has developed a process for verifying the effectiveness of the ministry facilitator. 

- Wolfgang Suetterlin.  He resides in Germany ans is one of the members of a team of people working on translating the Basic Seminar Manual into German.

- Tomas Axellie
- He resided in Sweden.  He is a member of the translation team working on the translation of the Basic Seminar Manual.

- Paula Tomlinson - Mother of three children with a powerful testimony.  You can read her full length story on the Public/General  website under the link on the HOME PAGE "Real People-Real Freedom."  Click here.


- Lyle Thomas:  Resides in Russia.  He is a part of a TPM team that is working to translate the TPM training into Russian.

Dr. Samuel Dornyo: President of the Ghana Theoplogical Seminary in Accra, Ghana, Africa.  His school has trained over 2000 students in TPM.  I will share more about his work later.

- Bill and Toni Morgan: Have an exciting mininstry in North Georga to hurting couples and individuals.  They wrote one of the articles located in the articles section.


Will you pray for these fellow members this week?

Do not be surprised if your picture shows up as the featured member soon.







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  •  IZONPRIZE wrote 2661 Days Ago (neutral) 

    I just prayed for each of these precious saints!  God bless them all with great effectiveness and fruit that remains in every ministry encounter.

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