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Dr. Ed Smith
02.01.2011 14:5353    Comments: 2    Categories: news      Tags: anger  

Are you angry? If yes, what makes you angry? Are you angry because you cannot have what you want? Are you angry because you have been or are being abused? Are you angry because life is unfair? Are you angry because you don’t have as much money as you would like? Are you angry because someone said bad things about you or to you? Being angry seems to have become the undertone for every day life and, in many cases, it is out-and-out rage.

Road rage is in the news so often it has almost become “just another driving hazard”! Senseless anger so hot that it critically injures people, or worse, kills them! Respect on the highways and roads seems to be a thing of the past. Being a courteous driver is seldom copied by others and road racing considered a game or thrill. Respecting human life and each other seems to be lost and no longer important. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is passé and, for the most part, not even practiced by many people.

I am reading a book right now called: “Getting Anger Under Control” by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller. This book was written to help people overcome “Unresolved Resentment, Overwhelming Emotions and The Lies Behind Anger”! The first chapter is titled: “Anger – A Matter of Life and Death.” I concentrated on the opening comment of this chapter for quite a while before I began reading it. Here it is. “Anger: an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

It talks about how our bodies respond to anger. How our brain responds to what we are thinking and feeling. How that starts a chain-reaction throughout our bodies and the resulting effects on every phase of our health and well being. Our behavior is reflected by what we believe and our feelings will follow those beliefs. If what we believe is not the truth, we are deceived. Our actions, choices and decisions are then based on deception. Deception is not reality. Therefore, we form assumptions falsely about what we believe to be true.

At Judah’s Call, we see many people who have held on to anger for a very long time. It has affected them in many ways. It has made an impact on them emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. As we work with these people, we see God’s truth replacing the assumptions, deceptions and lies. We see joy, peace and relief settle in and smiles replacing the pain and tears. We watch freedom bring hope; promise; purpose and stability truth-by-truth!

We ask you to pray with us this week for God’s truth to change more lives. We ask you to pray for relationships to be healed and for families to be restored. We ask you to pray for more people to become aware that their own anger is a poison that will do more harm to them than to those to whom it is intended. We ask you to pray that people will acknowledge their own anger and seek God’s solution. Thank you for praying with us! Blessings to you!


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  •  GRACEPOWERS wrote 1946 Days Ago (neutral) 

    The timing of this article is perfect.  Just this weekend, circumstances (a disagreement with my husband) revealed some deep seeded anger that I haven't seen in myself for years.  I was so shocked by the intensity of my rage.  UGH.  As the boiling point spilled over, I was left with feelings of condemnation and despair...  "How could I get so mad?" (the issue was something my hubby brought up about my lack of attention to housework, with all of my new spiritual commitments; worship team, intercessory team, women's Bible study, etc). How clever the enemy is to use even these "good activities" to mask his work of deception.

    When my husband brought up my over-scheduling and lack of attention to house duties, I got so defensive. It surprised even me, not to mention him. Poor guy. But the good news is that this became a 'glory story' of how the Lord wants me to speak Truth into lies that the enemy shouts at me, even the subtle ones that rear their ugly head.  God's faithfulness to ANSWER me as I have been asking for Him to reveal the Truth about the enemies lies residing dormantly in my life.  I see clearly how unforgiveness over issues from WAY BACK, have given the adversary an advantage, and that buried sin can and will surface at any time. I forgave my hubby (for things long past), he forgave me and we are back on track.   God is faithful when we ask Him to show us those things that need to go.  He is setting me free.  Yay.  ♥

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  •  Keever wrote 2718 Days Ago (neutral) 

    Such an important issue!  God wants his children free and that includes any unresolved anger.  No wonder his word says that we should not let the sun go down on our anger.  When anger surfaces in a prayer session, I know that God's light is at work bringing these unresolved issues to the receiver's attention with the invitation to release it to Him.  How kind and loving of Him to gently move us to a place where we freely choose to release unresolved anger and move into His freedom!

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