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How to Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Theophostic Prayer Ministries
P.O. Box 489 Campbellsville, KY 42719
E-mail: office at Theophostic.com
Phone: 270-465-3757 (Hours of operation: 9-5 EST)
Fax: 270-789-2967

Call 270-465-3757 to register by phone.

Training Materials:
Order by phone:  270-465-3757

You may find that your questions can be answered by reading through this website. If your question has to do with the application of TPM please be sure you have read what is in print before calling.  Many of the questions we receive are answered in the training materials. Please take the time to read what is in print before sending in your questions.

Start by reading through the FAQ section or "What is TPM?" For a good introduction to this ministry download a free copy of the first three chapters of the introductory book "Healing Life's Hurts."

If you are wanting information about application, principles or other issues covered in the Basic Training materials you should consider purchasing the Basic Training Seminar and manuals.This training is available in the On-Line Store.

Sending Personal E-Mails to Dr. Ed Smith

Because of the extremely high volume of emails and questions addressed to Ed Smith, he is not able to personally respond to each one. For this reason, most of the questions addressed to Ed Smith receive a form response. Occasionally he may determine that his response to your question might offer benefit to the larger audience in which case he may send your question and his response to the entire membership of the International Association for Theophostic Ministry (IATM). Before you submit a question to Dr. Ed Smith please know that your question may be used in this fashion. We are sorry that he cannot answer every request and thank you for your understanding.

Submitting Work for Publication

Dr. Ed Smith and Theophostic Prayer Ministries are appreciative of those who are using their gifts and talents to write books, articles and teaching materials related to TPM. However, we do not accept unsolicited submissions for publication and do not publish third party works at this time. Please DO NOT publish a work that gives any impression that you are representing this ministry, expanding its teaching or clarifying its message.  For example, to produce a work entitled "Doing Theophostic with Children" would be a violation of trademark law. The name Theophostic is a registered trademark and protected by law.

Please be conscious of this and avoid using the name unlawfully. We would prefer that you not use the name Theophostic in any publication you produce.  Simply call what you do something else such as "Prayer Ministry."  To use the name Theophostic to draw people to your website, sell a product or promote your ministry is a violation of International Trademark laws.

Testimony Submissions

If you have a testimony or article that you think would be valuable to the Theophostic Community please contact our Association (IATM) [email protected] which does accept submissions for possible publication.  However, we reserve the right to not publish anything that is submitted for any reason without explanation.

Personal Ministry with Dr. Ed Smith

Because Ed Smith is currently committed to training others and developing the training materials, he is not accepting any ministry recipients now or in the near future. He also does not make any recommendations or referrals for others offering ministry. No person in the home office of Theophostic Prayer Ministry or any person that may be in relationship with Ed Smith is providing ministry by Ed Smith's recommendation or referral.  When seeking out a qualified ministry facilitator use caution and hold up the ministry guidelines and evaluations made available through this site as your standard of evaluation.  Since every person who completes the Basic and/or Advanced Material receives only a certificate of completion, any statement made by such a person proclaiming any level of qualification, certification or expertise is not endorsed by this ministry. Any person who claims to be related to, endorsed by, or affiliated with Dr. Ed M Smith and/or Theophostic Prayer Ministries is doing so without this ministry's or Dr. Smith's knowledge.

Requesting personal ministry?

Sorry, We cannot offer referrals for ministry but do have helpful suggestions listed in the "Recieving Personal Ministry" section of Theophostic.com and the members section of this website.

Submitting a question?
Complete the form HERE (CONTACT US PAGE)

Important notice and disclaimer:

This is the official Theophostic Prayer Ministry website. There are NO ministries, counseling centers, churches or individuals who represent this ministry other than this site. Websites, ministry centers, churches or any other identities or persons that suggest they are associated with, represent, or are affiliated with this ministry are misrepresenting themselves. If a website, church, counseling center or individual references, displays or uses the name Theophostic Prayer Ministry they should only do so as an indication that they are using the principles taught by this ministry and not to indicate they are representing or are affiliated with this ministry. If they are not following the specific guidelines and principles taught by this ministry or if they are mixing TPM with some other form of counseling or ministry then they are NOT doing Theophostic Prayer Ministry. If any website, counseling center, church or individual is using the name Theophostic to advertise or draw attention to their website or physical location they do so in violation of trademark law.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry